CIPM wins Silver in Wolfpack Wellness Certification

As an achievement for health and wellness advocacy, CIPM has been awarded Silver in NC State’s Well Wolfpack Certification program. This accomplishment highlights the Center’s commitment to promoting a healthy work environment and overall well-being among its staff.

Image (left to right): Ms. Clarissa Spencer, Dr. Yu Takeuchi, and Ms. Nimisha Tripathi receiving the Well Wolfpack Certification for CIPM

The Wolfpack Wellness initiative, aimed at “Building a Thriving Pack,” focuses on enhancing the quality of life for the university community through various wellness dimensions. Elements include physical health, emotional resiliency, and community involvement. By integrating these elements, NC State has established a comprehensive wellness strategy that nurtures a balanced, holistic life for its members.

NC State’s Six Elements of Wellness



The Well Wolfpack Certification annually honors departments and centers demonstrating a strong commitment to fostering wellness. This recognition serves as a testament to the center’s efforts in aligning with NC State’s vision of a health-conscious and supportive environment.