Transforming Urban Spaces into Pollinator Havens: CIPM Director Curates a Special Collection in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management

Photo by Jim Wilce, Pexels


The expansion of urban areas, which has intensified in recent decades, poses a threat to biodiversity and the natural ecosystems. Despite this, well-managed green spaces within urban environments offer valuable sanctuaries for beneficial arthropods, most notably pollinators. A new Special Collection in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management takes an in-depth look at the possibilities and methodologies for effective pollinator conservation in these urban areas. The collection aims to highlight research that is both environmentally responsible and practically insightful. It offers not just a scientific roadmap for enhancing critical ecosystem services like pollination, but also serves as a platform for building collaborative relationships between researchers, stakeholders, and the broader community.

Serving as editors of the collection are Drs. Danesha Seth Carley and Andrea Joyce. Our Center Director, Dr. Seth Carley has expertise in the management of urban habitats and their potential impact on pollinator conservation.