CIPM Scientist presents Keynote at IPM Ecologists meeting in Visalia, CA

Roger Magarey, Senior Researcher at CIPM, was invited to give the keynote speech at the Association of Applied IPM Ecologists (AAIE) meeting in Visalia, California on November 20, 2019.

AAIE is the oldest organization dedicated to IPM practitioners, focused in California’s diverse pest management landscapes. Their members are actively involved in providing the best IPM practice to their clients in ag, residential, and working environments.

Magarey spoke about recent CIPM research on Social-Ecological systems and pest management.  This included three published papers: Social Ecological System Tools for Improving Crop Pest Management, Eco‐efficiency as a strategy for optimizing the sustainability of pest management, and Perspective: service‐based business models to incentivize the efficient use of pesticides in crop protection.  CIPM staff members Christina Trexler, Godshen Pallipparambil, Sarah Klammer (now with Michigan State University) and Ernie Hain (now with USDA-APHIS) co-authored the publications. Thomas Chappell at Texas A&M and Ryan Kurtz of Cotton Incorporated were collaborators on the project.

Robin Boudwin, a data analyst and programmer at CIPM, designed two colorful and artistic figures that were an important part of the papers and the presentation.   (Edited by Rosemary Hallberg)