Proposal and Project Management

<strong>Fruit vegetable grafting is a project that CIPM helps manage</strong>. Source:



To lead or facilitate regional to international networks by engaging expert leadership, secure and manage large grants and provide project management expertise to advance the science and practice of IPM


Stop pest damage, enhance food security and protect our natural resources by advancing coordinated and collaborative IPM projects


CIPM is a leader for proposal development, management and technical support for project outcomes. CIPM has experience initiating denovo area-wide programs that address critical IPM priorities, funded through major grants ($1 million to $10+ million per grant). Center staff work with government, industry and stakeholder partners to explore mechanisms that address the sustainability problems of regional and national pest management networks (e.g., PIPE projects and other area-wide monitoring, modeling and delivery networks). CIPM personnel help advance well-funded IPM programs to identify and address the most critical pest management challenges.

Future plans

CIPM proposes to advance the science and practice of pest management, especially within a systems framework.

  • Seek out partners in land grant universities (research, extension and teaching) and diverse industry, NGO and local to international government or agency stakeholders to build networks of IPM capacity that address regional, national and international IPM priorities.
  • Develop and enhance expert leadership in multiple IPM-focused disciplines (including entomology, plant pathology, weed science, ecology, GIS, modeling, information technologies and analytics )
  • Enhance or expand core management competencies in program management (including bookkeeping), evaluation and project coordination.
  • Promote the Center as a proposal development unit, consistent with our core competencies and mission.