2021 CIPM Showcase Event

by Dr. Yu Takeuchi, Center for Integrated Pest Management


CIPM hosted a virtual CIPM Showcase event on September 15, 2021. The main goals for the showcase were to present our vision and innovative research to potential collaborators and to highlight collaboration potential with other NCSU departments and institutes. Potential outcomes of the event included stakeholder letters of support for grant proposals, sponsored research, and additional research partners. We invited researchers from federal agencies, private industries, and academic institutions. 

There were 83 attendees from academia, industry, and government.

Welcoming Remarks and Panel Discussion

The showcase started with a welcome from the Associate Dean for Research at NCSU’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Dr. Steve Lommel, followed by an overview of CIPM by Director Dr. Danesha Seth Carley.

Dr. Susanne Kjemtrup, principal scientist at Phyta BioTech Consulting, LLC, moderated a panel discussion about the value of collaboration with CIPM. The panelists included:

Dr. Kjemtrup asked panelists about their collaboration experiences with CIPM and how partnership with CIPM helped support their missions. In addition, she discussed the future of integrated pest management and how CIPM research could help improve plant health and promote sustainable agriculture.

Research Areas

CIPM researchers presented five areas for research collaboration.

  • Dr. Lauren Quevillon shared her ideas on organizing and sharing plant pest information to promote plant health (slides).
  • Dr. Yulu Xia presented his fruit fly field work in China (slides).
  • Dr. Weiqi Luo discussed how to model plant pests and diseases and how these model outputs could assist in making decisions (slides).
  • Dr. Jaap van Kretschmar presented his work on partnering with local communities to design a church community garden and promote healthier lifestyles (slides).
  • Dr. Yu Takeuchi discussed the benefits of spatial analytic frameworks and illustrated how spatial data management and model implementation would provide key information in a timely manner (slides).

We are currently reaching out to participants to get feedback and identify potential partnership areas. Our goal is to diversify our partnerships with private industries and other institutions.